Two tips to follow if you've ordered a skip bin with doors

Here are two tips to follow if you've ordered a skip bin with doors from a bin rental business.

Put the less stable refuse far away from the doors

One of the biggest perks of a skip bin like this is that you can get inside it; this not only makes transferring large items into it easier but also means you can organise its contents in order to maximise the quantity of refuse that will fit into it.

However, you may find yourself with pieces of refuse that you need to throw away, which are not stable when stacked on top of each other in the skip. If, for example, you have a few chairs and tables that are missing their arms or legs, you might find it difficult to balance these on top of one another without some of this broken furniture shifting around or toppling over.

In this situation, it's best to put this subcategory of your refuse towards the wall that is farthest away from the doors of the bin. If you put these unstable items near the door and step into the bin to put in some more refuse, there's a chance that some of these items may fall on you whilst you're there. If, however, you keep them at the other end of the bin, you should be able to safely use the doors and step inside the bin without being injured should this unstable refuse fall over.

Ensure you're able to shut the doors fully when you've finished loading the bin

When you notice the bin is almost full, you should regularly check that you are able to close the skip bin's doors fully before you put any additional refuse into it. If you find that the doors won't close fully or that you cannot lock them because of how much refuse is in the bin, you should either readjust the contents (by, for example, compressing some of it) or remove a few pieces of rubbish before the bin rental company collects it.

If you've got a lot of rubbish that won't fit in when the doors are closed, you should set this aside and either order another skip or asked for your current one to be collected, emptied and returned to you. The reason for this is that rental companies cannot pick up skip bins with doors if the doors aren't fully shut as the rubbish inside them will simply fall all over the place when they pick up these bins with their truck. As such, if you don't make sure the doors can close before it's collected, you'll have to pull out some refuse at the point of its collection, before the bin truck driver can take it away.

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