What Determines the Cost of Rubbish Removal Service?

As more Australian home owners and businesses become more aware of the fact that ensuring proper waste management plays a big part protecting the environment, the demand for rubbish removal service increases by the day. Rubbish removal service allows for convenient, safe and efficient disposal of certain types of residential and commercial waste, but like any other commercially available service, it is not provided free of charge.

The price charged for rubbish removal service varies from job to job depending on a number of different factors. Here is a look at some key factors that may be used to determine the cost of your rubbish removal.

  1. The volume of the load: The amount of rubbish you will need hauled away from your property will determine the right bin size. The unit of measure for skip bin sizes is a cubic metre, which is equivalent to one and a half trailer loads of rubbish. The bigger the bin required, the more it costs to hire. If the largest bin cannot hold all of the rubbish in one go, then multiple trips will have to be made. This will, in turn, increase the cost of service.
  2. The weight of the load: It is not just the size of your load that matters, but also how heavy the load is. Generally speaking, most rubbish removal companies charge according to the volume of the waste when dealing with green waste and general waste. But when it comes to removing heavy rubbish like large construction debris, they will charge based on the weight of the load.
  3. Distance involved: Once your waste is removed from your property, it will be taken to the rubbish removal company's waste transfer facility where all of the waste will be sorted into recyclable materials and non-recyclable materials. The distance between your property and your removal company's waste transfer facility will affect the cost of service. The greater the distance involved, the higher the cost of transport.
  4. Accessibility of the site: While the distance involved affects the price you will have to pay for your rubbish removal, accessibility to your location also counts. The more difficult it is to reach your property, the more you will be asked to pay, generally speaking. Home owners living in areas with bad roads, for example, may have to pay a higher price than those living in areas with good roads, even if the distance involved is the same.

Before accepting any quote from a rubbish removal company, it is a good idea to compare a few quotes and choose one that suits your budget and includes everything you need.

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