Event Planning and Waste Management: A Guide

If you are organising an outdoor event, one of your primary concerns will be waste management and garbage disposal. However, by taking some simple steps to develop an effective waste management system, you can ensure that you protect the health of those attending your event and the surrounding environment. Below is a guide to some things you should keep in mind when planning your event.

Contact the local authorities

Before your event takes place, you should make contact with the local authorise to notify them of what you plan to do. Many local councils will provide signage and recycling bin bags. They may also be able to offer further advice on how best you can manage the waste generated during your event.

Recruit volunteers

Managing waste can be labour intensive. Many events recruit volunteers who help to empty garbage bins, collect litter, sort recycling and manage larger skip bins. Volunteers can be recruited from local high schools or from local companies who wish to sponsor your event. It is important that you offer volunteers food, drink and rest during the days that they offer to help.

Hire a waste management specialist

If your budget is large enough, you should consider hiring a waste management specialist who will be able to organise and oversee your event's waste management programme. A waste management service will be able to supply you with a set of garbage bins, recycling stations and large skip bins for collecting waste. They will also be able to supply a range of staff who can help to ensure that these bins are properly maintained and regularly emptied.

Identify waste hot spots

You should carefully consider where those attending your event are likely to drop or dispose of their waste. To identify these hot spots, you should identify areas which sell food and drink and ensure that these areas have plenty of bins. You should also establish the main routes that attendees will use to move around your event. As people walk around, it is likely they will want to dispose of cups and plates they are carrying, so you should ensure that major routes are lined with waste bins.

Educate those attending your event

You should produce signs which encourage those attending your event to carefully dispose of their trash in the waste bins rather than dropping in on the ground. You should also encourage those attending to place glass and plastic products in the right recycling areas.

If you would like to find out more about waste management, you should contact a waste disposal company.

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